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Q&A with the founders of Aime

A wine for friends by friends.

Will Sandbach and Abbie Roden thought up amie together during the Covid-19 lockdown, when they recognised an opportunity to tap into the rosé market with a cool and affordable direct-to-consumer wine brand.

With free delivery right to your door, plus, for each bottle sold £1 is donated to charity – what’s not to love!?

Tell us a bit about yourselves:

We met through mutual friends in NYC. Abbie is originally from Lexington, Kentucky, and Will is from Oxfordshire. Together, we run RODEN, a social media and content agency, VIND, the wine tourism platform and our wine brand, amie.

How and when did amie start?

We dreamt up amie—which in French means ‘female friend’—during lockdown, a time when we craved nothing more than to see our friends. It all started with a text from my husband, Will, that said ‘come downstairs, I have a plan.’ — I totally thought we were going on an afternoon walk, and was definitely not expecting him to say ‘let’s create a rosé brand.’

6.5 weeks later we had launched amie.

How long did it take to create the perfect tasting wine? 

We already had a relationship with our producers in the South of France, so we knew the quality was there, but as it was during Covid-19 lockdown, we couldn’t visit France.

Many samples were sent over, and after several tastings and Zoom calls, we settled on our amie rosé; we then repeated the process with our red and white. 

Which amie wine is your favourite and why? 

They’re all great for different times! The white is perfect if you’re craving a crisp and refreshing glass; it has amazing acidity and freshness. The red is smooth and well-rounded, perfect for cosy nights in.

And the rosé is the summer special; great on its own or with summer food, BBQs, and salads. 

Where is amie wine produced? 

All of our wines are produced in the Languedoc region in the south of France

Which amie wine is most popular?

Our rosé is traditionally the most popular, as it was the original, but in the last few months we have seen our white and red sales increase hugely!

Tell us more about your partnership with charity: water?

Our main priority when building out the strategy for amie was that we wanted to create something that could help us give back — our immediate thought was charity: water, as Will and I have both read Scott Harrison (charity: water Founder)’s book THIRST (highly recommended to everyone!), and charity: water holds a special place in our hearts.

We are so thrilled that for every @drinkamie order we receive, we donate £1 to @charitywater, so by drinking amie, together we can give water.

We have raised over £10K, which means we have raised enough to start building our own amie well in Western Uganda.

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