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Real Bride: Wedding on the Isle of Wight

When Ella came to us on her dress shopping journey, we knew immediately that she would make the most beautiful Mews bride. She looked beautifully ethereal in the Margaux Tardits dresses and her excitement for the wedding was infectious. Ella lives with her husband on the Isle of Wight and we are very lucky to have a piece of her original artwork, proudly displayed in our Clifton studio. Ella’s graphics were sure to be included throughout their wedding and they made for a unique, personalised experience for their much loved guests!

Photography by Adam Jervis Photography

Tell us a little about yourselves

My husband Scott and I are what is known as ‘high-school sweethearts’. We live on the Isle of Wight in the South of England with our chunky grey cat called Rupert, surrounded by family, friends and beautiful scenery. 

How did you meet your Groom?

We went to high school together, Scott is two years above me and we always spotted each other at school. It wasn’t until we went to a friend’s birthday party where I was wearing a silver dress, trying to blend in, a usual for me… when Scott texted me saying “Oi Oi spaceman”. I replied with “I’m a woman”. We were 16 & 18 then and the rest is history. 

Photography by Adam Jervis Photography

What’s your engagement story?

This is a day I will never really get over. It was Easter Sunday 2021 and Scott had set up a scavenger hunt around the Isle of Wight for me. My family love Easter and as we missed the family gathering in 2020 (and I love chocolate) I just thought it was sweet how Scott was making it super special this year. 

I drove around finding clues from friends’ homes to locations I knew. Each place revealed pieces of a map eventually directing me to where Scott was. Even whilst doing it, I had no idea what was to come, I just thought I was going to get one of those fancy £20 fruit and nut eggs at the end… 

Turns out he was on our favourite beach with a gorgeous pear shaped ring he’d designed himself, he’d also organised friends to film it. I was a blubbering mess! We’d been together 11 years by then and people were shocked that I had no idea, but he makes everything special so why not for chocolate! I videoed the whole adventure for my memories, not thinking it would be something I would later share on my social media to reveal our engagement story!

Photography by Adam Jervis Photography

How did you come across The Mews?

My lovely friend Claire lived in Bristol and she asked if I fancied a weekend visiting her, trying on wedding dresses and a lunch at The Ivy. Why not, I thought! Unbeknown to me I was going to find a dress which I COULD NOT stop thinking about for 7 months after. 

What styles were you channelling whilst dress shopping and how did you choose your shoes, accessories etc?

I went into wedding dress shopping with no idea. I tried on a few which were very in fashion but I wanted something timeless, sleek but also something different. I tried on so many beautiful dresses but throughout the process I realised I loved french designers and how effortlessly beautiful their dresses are. 

Accessories then fell naturally when I bought my dress. I created a mood board with help from the Mewsettes inspiration. My shoes were a subtle gold heel with a twisted front and I matched my jewellery with a pair of gorgeous gold hoops which also had a large organic shaped pearl, delicately floating underneath. 

Photography by Adam Jervis Photography

Tell us about finding your perfect wedding dress

It was on my mind for months, I continued to visit 5 more shops after The Mews as I wanted to try and challenge it but I just couldn’t. I took my mum to The Mews 7 months after my first viewing of the Manse dress and she just blubbed. She said it was the way I walked in it, I just strutted out. We all knew it was the one right then but I had already known for 7 months before! 

Photography by Adam Jervis Photography

What advice would you give to a bride about finding the perfect dress?

Find something that reflects your personality and most importantly find something that you do not need to change you for! You are marrying the love of your life for who you are today, not after a gym plan! And don’t panic if you don’t get the ‘this is the one’ feeling, because not everyone has that type of personality. I would just try to challenge it, and if it is the one, nothing will likely beat it. 

Photography by Adam Jervis Photography

Where did your wedding day take place? 

On the Isle of Wight in a beautiful venue called Kingston Manor. We got married outside, under an arch of whimsical flowers, with the most colourful wedding guests and wedding breakfast. The reception was then in a beautiful rustic barn at the same venue. 

Photography by Adam Jervis Photography

Tell us about your aesthetic for the day – were there any themes or inspiration behind this?

I love colour; greens, oranges, pinks with mediterranean inspiration. I was a very hands on bride and I was so passionate about having huge involvement in every aspect of our day. Some would call me absolutely mad, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

From casting and spray painting candle stick holders for months, to building a 3D model to work out how many lanterns we needed for the ceiling of the venue; to drawing every single wedding guest for the table plan. Personalisation was the key theme of our day.

Photography by Adam Jervis Photography

What did your groom wear?

Scott wore a gorgeous House of Cavanni, navy blue suit jacket with a subtle check. He paired this with a navy blue trouser, white shirt and navy blue tie. Scott picked it about 6 weeks before our wedding, he is the most relaxed person ever! …although he had previously worked out the exact length of beard and hair he needed, “it’s perfect two days after the cut”. 

Photography by Adam Jervis Photography

What was your favourite detail of the day?

Gosh, I don’t think I could choose one thing. The personalisation element of our day made it special for us and our guests, knowing we had worked so hard to then enjoy the day with our loved ones. The ceremony was magical, we exchanged our personalised vows in the beaming sunshine followed by mingling side by side as husband and wife with our favourites. Then there was delicious food and dancing the night away! How could I choose? Our guests said you could feel the love all day, which was so special. 

Photography by Adam Jervis Photography

Did you plan a honeymoon, if so where did you go?

So much energy went into the planning of the big day, so we went for a two week, complete chill in Halkadiki in Greece. I am not very good at chilling so I tried my hardest and became very good at reading by the pool and only having to decide on what I was having for breakfast that day! 

Photographer: Adam Jervis Photography 

Venue: Kingston Manor, Isle of Wight

Stationary: EllaJM, @ellajm_illustrations

Earrings: Kiri and Belle 

Dress: Manse by Margaux Tardits, The Mews Bridal

Florist: The Flower Garden 

Hair: Six Hair Studios 

Make Up : My Talented Bridesmaids

Band: Mr Mojo 

Saxophonist: Dave Plummer Sax  

Grooms suit: Fields, Isle of Wight