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These stylish keepsakes are the perfect thing to help you treasure your big day for years to come

The one thing that everyone tells you about your wedding day is to enjoy every moment. This is obviously much easier said than done, with everything going on it and everyone wanting to party with the newlyweds, it can be hard to appreciate all the little details that you’ve put into the big day.

These wonderful and stylish keepsakes are a great way for you to encapsulate your wedding day and perfect for you and your partner to look back on for years to come.

Keep those memories unforgettable with our list of thoughtfully designed wedding keepsakes.

  1. Photography books

Keepsake ideas, wedding planning

Keepsake ideas, wedding planning

Photography books are a perfect way to view your wedding day photos and they also make great gifts for the family. These beautiful Photography books by Australian duo Erin & Tara are some the most beautiful we’ve ever seen.

Founded in 2012 by renowned Creative Directors Erin Neale & Tara Pearce are one of Australia’s leading wedding photography & print studio’s for modern lovers in search of soulful photography and polished heirlooms.

“Transform your digital images into the physical world with a luxury handcrafted album, designed to last a lifetime of enjoyment.”

Transforming treasured moments that have been shared in a digital world into carefully printed and hand-bound pages they are able to encase unique moments, memories and love into this beautiful keepsake.

Each of their bespoke luxury albums is thoughtfully designed by them and their team. Each book is hand-crafted in Italy by skilled artisans and can take between 6-8 weeks to be created. They are an elegant keepsake and a future heirloom to treasure forever.

2. Preserving your wedding flowers

Keepsake ideas, wedding planning

Flowers are a special and expensive part of your day, so a good way to have them forever is to get them professionally preserved or pressed after the wedding. There are lots of options for how to preserve your wedding flowers, some of which will keep them looking as fresh as the day you first saw them!

The key thing to remember with all floral preservation options is the sooner the better. If you wait more than a couple of days, you risk your flowers wilting or bruising.

Professional companies like Precious Petals will collect your bouquet from anywhere in the UK, preserve them using special drying techniques and frame them in a beautiful 3D representation of your bouquet. It’s a wonderful way to display them that keeps the colour and shape so you can look at them every day and be reminded of your wedding.

Precious Petals, who have preserved wedding flowers for the Countess of Wessex and Harry and Izzy Judd, use bespoke frames with conservation glass so they’ll always look as good as the day you receive them. They can also dry them flat and frame them if you’d prefer that! The process takes around 18-20 weeks and they even have the option to incorporate a photo into the frame and more to make the perfect memento of your day.

3. Create a time capsule

Keepsake ideas, wedding planning

Invest in a special keepsake box or a vintage suitcase to store all your wedding memories. From wedding vows to place cards to menus and any bits of decor you can fit in.

Rather than digging a hole in your garden to store it, put it in a cupboard or attic so you can look at the contents in years to come. You can add your invitation, photos, letters, anything that feels special to you and you will want to look back on for years to come.

After making the capsule, decide on a future date to open it. This can be on your tenth, fitinth or fiftieth wedding anniversary or just when you feel like taking a trip down memory lane. It’s always fun to look back at photos and other objects from such a special day, remembering the good times with family and friends.

Many couples opt to include a bottle of champagne from the wedding so you and your loved one can reminisce together while indulging with a glass of bubbly.

4. Frame your wedding dress

Keepsake ideas, wedding planning

After you’ve gone through the lengthy process of picking your dress, then wearing it all throughout your wedding day – the thought of never wearing it again can be a little heartbreaking for a lot of brides.

Many of these beautifully constructed dresses can be considered as a work of fashion-art, especially when you think of all of the work that goes into each one. A really thoughtful and striking memento you can create, is to frame your wedding dress.

In 2015, Mother and daughter Samantha & Charlotte started The Beautiful Frame Company, delivering beautifully framed dresses thousands of miles across the world and giving you the ability to cherish your dress forever. Not only will you be able to use it as a beautiful piece of artwork in your home, but your dress will also be cleaned, restored & preserved before being delicately placed within your chosen frame with museum grade UV protective glass to keep it forever protected.

Some brides will want to sell their wedding dress and others may even choose to partake in a ‘trash the dress’ shoot. Lots of brides just place it in an acid-free box and leave it in the back of wardrobe.But for the brides who want to keep their wedding gown and the memories it holds, framing it could be the perfect option for you

5. Printed Vows

Keepsake ideas, wedding planning

Have your wedding vows and wedding day love letters transformed into artful keepsakes by turning your wedding vows or your favourite poem into a beautifully unique piece of artwork that you can hang up in your home.

If you’re writing your own custom wedding vows, you know how much time and effort they can take and say your vows can be quite the nerve-wracking experience – some people blank the entire moment due to nerves! A great way to remember your vows and have a really special keepsake from your wedding is to immortalise your words into some artwork to make sure all your beautifully written words of love for your new partner can be saved forever.

Doing this is great as you have so many different options, from embossed paper to foiled writing to generating your words into sound waves. The options are endless so have a look on Etsy and Pinterest to see more ideas of this most favourable keepsake. We particularly loves these simplistic side by side framed vows by NspiredInk, printed on canvas and framed in stained wood. Perfect to fit into any home.

Couples spend a lot of time planning the wedding of their dreams – it’s important to be able to remember all of the amazing things you planned and did! There are so many ways to preserve those wonderful memories you will have of the day itself & these helpful keepsakes do just that.