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Q&A With New Designer – Eleonore Pauc

We are very excited to introduce our new designer, Eleonore Pauc. Eleonore wants to create sentimental pieces that hold fond memories for years to come and with beautiful laces and silks, we hope you fall in love with her captivating collections just as much as we have.

Eleonore came to designing bridal wear while searching for a meaningful connection to the fashion industry so read on to find out what her inspirations are and hear her top tips for brides!

Tell us a little about yourself and how you became a designer

After my fashion studies, I really wanted to create my own brand while working in parallel for big industries like Comptoir des Cotonnier or even American Vintage. I worked in boutiques and showrooms where I had responsibilities but my real desire was to own my identity as a fashion designer. I really wanted to see women in the street wearing my clothes and feeling free and beautiful in them. That was my first idea of becoming a designer!

Did you always see yourself in the bridal industry?

At first, I created a fashion brand which I was so very much invested in. I spent a lot of time thinking about it, drawing, and creating. I was working on the brand and making the clothes at night after work shifts and to be honest, I felt very disappointed in regards to the short encounters I was entertaining with my customers. I am a sensitive person and I wanted my relationship with them to be real and exceptional. Thinking back on it I was kind of a utopist, thinking that making clothes for them would create links between us. Turns out they mostly just wanted to buy clothes and consume them in a very instant way. I didn’t feel aligned with fast-fashion and I did not recognize myself in it. 

As a result of all of this, I was trying to rethink my vision of pursuing fashion when one of my friends asked me to create her wedding dress – it was a revelation for me! I had an amazing time working with her on this project, creating her gown which was really important and sentimental to her. I felt like my work had a true meaning then. This is how my story with bridal started, on the very simple way from thread to needle (de fil en aiguille as we say in French).

In an industry where nearly “anything goes” now, what in your opinion, sets your brand apart?

It is very important for me to work with good fabrics. I use silk, Calais Caudry lace, Italian embroidered tulle, all of it in really good quality and this is what comes out the most during the fitting. Women feel good in my designs, they feel comfortable and most importantly, they don’t feel disguised or like they’re misrepresenting who they are. It is very important to keep in mind that it is not an easy thing for a lot of people to see themselves in a wedding dress. My job is to support them, help them feel legitimate with what’s happening. I know when I have accomplished this when on the last fitting they just want to keep the dress on, they dance and feel so ready to face their big day.

Where do you take your inspirations from when designing a new collection? Do you already have an idea/mood board or do you take yourself off on new experiences and draw inspirations from the world around you? 

I do use mood-boards as everybody. I get inspired by the whole fashion sphere, keeping in the know of what is being done by other designers but in fact, I get my inspiration absolutely everywhere. I get inspired while travelling, being with people I meet or even from my clients who can spark new ideas. I love to research what was happening in fashion in the 60’s or 70’s and love vintage pieces that can tell us stories. 

I don’t usually have a pre-made model in my head when I start creating, I am more working with my feelings at that moment. I can create something new just before a photoshoot and be like “Hey, I’ve got this one too! What do you guys think?” and magic starts happening.

Do you have a favourite piece? – or is that like asking a mother to choose her favourite child

I do sometimes fall for one of my new pieces but in fact, I really want to create some time-less styles. I like to ask myself “In 10 years time, would someone still fall for this dress and get married in it?” Some of my very first gowns are still in the show-room and still being chosen by brides and I feel really happy when this happens.

What is your advice to the bride who has just started her dress search? 

Do not rush, take your time and try different things. Sometimes the dress of our life is not the one we think of! Express yourself, share your feelings and personality during the fittings and we will be able to guide you in order to find the perfect gown for you. 

Click the link below to discover Eleonores beautiful designs, available to try at The Mews Bridal