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Wedding Morning Preparations

It’s the morning of your wedding, there’s a buzz of excitement and nerves in the air and the hairdresser is about to arrive to kick start the official preparations. 

It can be a stressful time in the bridal suite but it should be relaxed and exciting. To help achieve a serene atmosphere, we have put together a guide of our top five tips to keep you all calm and on track. 

  1. Music

Set the vibe of the morning by playing the perfect playlist. Maybe it’s your favourite pop hits to dance and sing along to with your girls or French cafe jazz to keep the mood chilled but music will be the first thing to put you all at ease. 

We’ve created ‘The Mews Loves’ playlist on Spotify which is played in both our studios and it’s the perfect mix of songs to get the day started.

  1. Pyjamas

We’ve all seen the matching bridesmaid pjs and what a fun way to bring your bridal party together. Once you’re all in full glam, this is your chance to take some photos with your favourite gals, a memory and photo you will all cherish after the wedding!

Real Bride Caroline – Photography by Harry Michael
  1. No to VPL!

If you have an outfit which is backless or has a leg split, try not to wear a bra or socks for a few hours before slipping into your dress. It’s such an easy one to forget but you don’t want sock ridges in your shoe tying photo or lines across your back as you walk up the aisle. 

PS. Always pack some scissors and a little sewing kit for any emergencies!

Real Bride Emma – Photography by Paige Grace Photography
  1. Breakfast

Remember to fuel up! Once preparations kick off you’ll find that time runs away quickly. Before you know it, you’ve had a glass or two of bubbles and the wedding breakfast cannot come soon enough. 

A buffet style breakfast is always a good idea as you will all be at different stages of getting ready throughout the morning. Have some granola and yoghurt pots for when you finish your skincare routine or croissants that you can graze on between hair and makeup. Try reaching out to a local bakery as many offer boxes to deliver!

Real Bride Hope – Photography by Daniel James Photography
  1. Try to relax

Try to take a moment to yourself if you can. This could be writing a letter to your fiancé to mark the moment, sticking to your full morning skincare routine, or just sitting for a cuppa with your mum.

You’ve been planning this day meticulously for months and these are the last moments you’ll have before it all begins. Start it in the best way possible by assigning even just five minutes to slow down and centre yourself, you’ll then feel prepared for what is to come and ready to get married!

Real Bride Jo – Photography by Sylvana Ruggeri RU2G