Bridal Style Tips, Featured


While perfectly thought out and elegant place settings will always be admired within the bridal community there is just something extra special about the french approach. Disregarding the traditional structure and opting for a laid back approach that favours whole loaves of bread, wild lavender and all the bottles of vino you could need over too far too many forks. Putting your wedding table settings together is a touch more complex than dressing up your dining room for a family meal. Its big part of your wedding aesthetic and the amount of time spent on it just to get it perfect can often cause a lot of stress for couples.

While you may know the basics – cutlery arrangements, etc – you may not have thought too deeply about chargers, table runners and what type of chairs to use. There can be a lot to it and often is a big expense on the day for something that doesn’t hold as much charm as it could. The French approach to table setting makes things a little easier, while remaining beautiful and full of character.

How to acquire the perfect imperfect pieces:

Try to spend some time scouring local car boots and flea markets to find all of your reception platings. Yes, many people like to opt for wedding china but if you are looking for unique designs and a mismatched bohemian feel then going thrift shopping is the perfect solution. Take some time to do this, try to go to one every 2 months or so.

This ensures that you find the best ones you can so they can match your wedding aesthetic.

A few of our Mews girls’ favourite hot spots for sourcing buried treasure are Mother Of Junk in Brooklyn – a real gem just beside Bedford Avenue, any of beautiful market stalls at the world-famous Portobello Market in London and The Clifton Car Boot Sale for our Bristol brides.

For those traveling for the big day, consider taking some time to explore local markets near to you, that way you can incorporate a little bit of local charm into your table setting.

Centrepieces are your tables’ most important accessories

And sometimes with accessories, the simpler the better!

Using resources from the local area and surrounding nature gives the setting a more personal touch as well as allowing the venue and table setting to tie in with each other.

A simple place setting tip – add a single flower stem on the napkin for a special touch for your table and also for your guests to take home if they would like.

Wine bottles placed along with the table for guests to help themselves to can be used in an ornamental way. The bottles allow guests to feel relaxed and enjoy themselves and get the celebrations started as they sit down.

The main thing to consider when wanting to create that certain french ‘je ne sais quoi’ style for your wedding day is to try to keep things simple and natural. What is it that you need on the table? Eliminate the fuss and then make what you keep special and unique. Remember to do this in a way that works for the dinner and suits your couple style.

There is no ‘perfect decor’ but rather just creative and coherent ideas that work for you.