Bridal Style Tips, Featured


When it comes to marriage, it is hard to find an element that has absolutely no correlation to tradition. Traditional bridal style has shaped the way we envision what we think a bride should look like, but now its time to change the rules and break the bridal norm. At The Mews, we thrive off of unique, fashion forward aesthetics. With these pointers, you can put a twist on the classic bride and create a look to remember.  

Rime Arodaky, bridal fashion, veil, French bridal couture
The Eva veil by Rime Arodaky

 | Veil |

Cathedral veils with blushers have been at the forefront of every traditional wedding for as long as most can remember. If this is not your thing, there are a couple of great alternatives that could be just what you’re looking for. We have two words for you, bespoke, Rime. Made to order with the brides specific details, our bespoke Rime Arodaky veils have re-written the rules.

With their gorgeous range of lace applique which is customisable with up to 200 flowers, you can make a truly individual piece which would tie your look in together perfectly. A bespoke Rime veil is not only a perfect keepsake, but it will also transform your look entirely with gorgeous flowers cascading down around you in a perfect pool.

bridal bouquet

| Flowers |

As flower trends go, we have moved away from the very dense packed rose bouquets that were once the go-to bouquet, and entered the era of wildflowers and earthy tones. We are big fans of the more natural approach. However, adding a few feathers to your bouquet can add a couture edge making your looking striking and resonate high French fashion.

 | Dress (or not?!) |

For all those civil ceremony babes out there, we’ve got you covered! When you are looking for an outfit that feels right for you and for your day comfort is key.

A great alternative to the traditional dress, is a short number or a fabulous jumpsuit. With all of the same attention to detail in slightly more practical cuts, Rime Arodaky’s civil collection has something for everyone. Taking elements from her 018 The Runaways collection, we have beautiful lace being featured in styles such as Gahan, Patsy and Jax. With clean lines, Rime’s modern approach is anything but traditional.

civil ceremony, little white dress, short wedding dress, rime arodaky

| Makeup |

Traditional bridal makeup is usually fairly thick, extremely precise and features flushes of rouge on your lips and cheeks giving an overall very polished look. Whilst this works for some brides, it can often seem too heavy and mask like for others.

This season we are all about less is more.

Think fresh dewy skin, minimal mascara, soft hue on the lips and a glossy lid. This look is great as it will still be an enhanced version of yourself however, it won’t look like you have tried too hard.

Skincare in the lead up to this look is very important, so make sure you are on your A game. Drink plenty of water, plenty of sleep and a few facials just to help nature along it’s way! Brides in the South West should definitely visit beauty retreat, The Barn. Kelly, the owner of The Barn has devised a wonderful bridal skincare package exclusively for us at The Mews which will get you glowing in prep for your big day!

Shoes by Sézane

| Re-birth of flats |

Finally, the one your feet will really thank us for. The flat renaissance! Wave bye-bye to satin ivory court shoes, and say hello to gorgeous flats that you will be able to dance the night away in.

Admittedly, heels can help improve your posture but how long will it be before you take them off and your dress is now too long and dragging on the floor? This is often a dilemma most brides have, and there is a simple solution.

Flat shoes have seriously upped their game in the last few seasons and you can find some real gems. Whether you are looking for a gold gladiator sandal to match your Laure dress or a pointed shoe for a cleaner Margaux Tardits aesthetic there are great alternatives out there.

Texture has also become a real hot topic for us. Try introducing ivory suede shoes over traditional satins for a younger, edgier look.