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How to pick the perfect pair of wedding shoes

Finding the right pair of shoes is a struggle for so many of our brides at The Mews.

But it needn’t be.

Victoria Burlacu is the owner of Faber Novella – a brand that allows brides to create their own custom shoes. Victoria offers us her top tips on how to pick the perfect pair of wedding shoes…

In recent years wedding shoes have been getting more attention than in the past, with more brides considering their shoes to be just as important as their wedding dress. And they certainly are, given they will be carrying you on several journeys on your big day!

While there are several factors to remember when choosing your wedding shoes, the most important is to stay true to yourself and if you are not used to wear 4 inch heels, best is not to even consider climbing into a pair. Your wedding is a very special day and it will be a long day. You definitely do not want to be thinking about how much your feet hurt.

Clara & Elena - Faber Novella
Clara & Elena

Fashion is becoming more seasonless, with brides opting for open styles for weddings taking place in cooler seasons, or court shoes in warm summers.

While you might want to keep in mind the weather when choosing the style, there are no definite rules.

Probably the first question I ask when I meet brides is where will the wedding take place.

You certainly do not want to be wearing heels if you are getting married on the beach. They will sink in, and it will not be a pretty image as you try to make your way on sand. A pair of flat sandals would be the most appropriate choice.

An outdoor wedding in the countryside is rarely stiletto friendly. Opting for a block heel will help you avoid sinking into grassy surfaces. Keep in mind that the shoes might get stained if you will be wearing them mostly on grassy or muddy surface. You will probably want to choose leather over satin, and pastel or even bolder colours over white.

Natalia & Giovanna - Faber Novella
Natalia & Giovanna

The heel plays a very important role in the comfort of the shoe. Choose the height that you normally wear and feel most comfortable in.

Just because you have been able in the past to wear 4-inch heels for a couple of hours, wearing them for 10-12 hours requires some further thought. I personally do not recommend wearing heels higher than 3inches. Go for a block heel over stiletto if you are looking for extra comfort, as the block heel offers more stability.

Colour is the new white when it comes to shoes. Coloured shoes are becoming very popular among modern brides, as a way to express their personality and individuality. The value of a coloured pair extends beyond the wedding day, as they can easily be worn again.

But the colour of the shoes needs to complement your dress. Choose warmer tonalities or soft pastels if your dress is ivory or cream. If you are not a fan of colour, consider metallic leather. A pair of soft gold or champagne will add a contemporary touch to any dress.

If your dress is white, any colour will work, including colder tonalities such as sky blue, lilac, or royal blue for a statement-making look. Opt for silver or nude hues if you are not sure about colour.

Allegra - Faber Novella

Choose shoes that fit you well. If you have any doubts about how a pair fits you, then best is to look for another one.

While some shoes will stretch a bit, or adapt to your foot once you wear them, these adjustments are marginal. If a shoe does not fit you well from the beginning, it rarely will later.

I definitely recommend brides to wear their wedding shoes a few weeks before to break them in, as the last thing you need on your wedding day is blisters from your brand new shoes.

Faber Novella

I believe that a great pair of shoes can make you feel comfortable and confident, forceful and feminine all at once while you walk down the aisle or dance the night away. Take your time and choose well!

Visit Faber Novella’s website to see how you can build your own custom shoe for your wedding day