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Before you give birth to a baby they lay within you under your heart. From the moment they arrive into this world until the moment you leave this world, you as a mum will always carry them in your heart. It is a deep commitment you make and along with marriage one of the biggest commitments that 2 people will ever make.

Kate and Lawrence’s Wedding had all of the above rolled into one as it was shared by an extra special person, well some might say ‘a bump’ as Kate was carrying their baby boy Heath Quinn. Kate’s Wedding took place in Chilham, Kent in a beautiful 15th century Village Hall which worked amazingly well with the stunning flowers, unique floral-feathered headpiece and the overall relaxed, personalised special day.

Kate was recommended to The Mews in Clifton by her hairdresser and as you can imagine finding a Wedding dress knowing you would be 7 months pregnant on your big day was a interesting challenge. With the expert advice from Rebecca, Kate was able to find the perfect dress that fitted her, a lace and empyrean style.

Kate channelled modern, elegant and looked stunningly edgy in her Rime Arodaky Anja dress. Rime Arodaky the French designer just knows how to bring perfection. To add to Kate’s style she wore fur by the local business Blanche in the Brambles that The Mews stock. This completed the whimsical romance of Kate’s look.

he love between Kate and Lawrence is extra sweet, perhaps with their thoughts on just more than their wedding but the extra joy of what’s ahead shined through in the photos. What a privilege to be able to blog and see these pictures of such a wonderful, beautiful day.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m from York originally, lived in London for 10 years working in the world of video production. Recently we moved to the wonderful colourful area of Montpelier Bristol to have a more chilled and community based way of life, and to raise our new family member Heath Quinn. I’m a freelance creative producer of music videos, fashion films, commercials, online branded content, and an actor, singer & recently a new Mother.

How did you meet your Groom?

I met my Groom Lawrence when I was 24 and he was 21, when I booked the band he played drums in to play at a night I used to put on in Shoreditch London many years ago. We had a loose (though magnetic) thing all those years ago. Being young and also having other commitments coming our way at that time, we went our separate ways. I went to York to care for my Mum, and Lawrence to Paris.

I always loved Lawrence, but the timings back then were never aligned. He moved to Paris and met a girl; they got engaged, though never married. I moved on too, though no one really ever truly compared to him. Then in May 2014 we were reunited, oddly enough through funerals. And the love and spark was reignited from there, and we never looked back.

Treasured Memories - Kate & Lawrence

How did you come across The Mews?

I came across The Mews via my hairdresser at Bonomini in Clifton who kindly recommended The Mews.

What styles were you channeling whilst dress shopping?

Lace, ethereal, modern, cool.

Tell us about finding your perfect Wedding dress?

Knowing I would be 7 months pregnant on our wedding day made it a bit of a challenge, with not knowing how big I’d be, and what would suit me best being a pregnant bride. Trying on dresses at around 4 months pregnant was a little tricky to foresee how my bump shape would take its shape.

I found that just talking to Rebecca at The Mews was amazing, as she has all the experience and knowledge to help me incorporate the style I wanted, and for it to work with my bump too. The dress I chose was a designer I hadn’t thought to try previously. I was planning on wearing another designer I loved, but felt the styles that season would work better for a non-pregnant bride.

Treasured Memories - Kate

Where did your wedding day take place? Was there any themes or inspiration behind your day?

Our wedding day took place in a stunning village called Chilham in Kent in their 15th century village hall. The themes were native Indian with our headpieces, birds, animals in our lives, feathers and rich autumn colours for food and flowers.

What did he wear?

Lawrence wore a blue tweed suit, off white shirt, black monk shoes and a featherhead piece crown, which he co-designed with Bonnie of TigerPunk

What was your favourite detail of the day?

Gosh that’s hard!! I’d say the amazing table flowers, bouquets and buttonholes that my dear friend Sophie produced for us. I steered the design of the all the flowers and the brown apothecary jars. Sophie is an amazing wedding florist, so many people commented on how amazing our flowers were on the day.

Treasured Memories - Kate and Lawrence

What advise would you give out to a bride to be about finding the perfect dress?

It’s really important to know what style suits your body shape initially; to make the most of your figure, and to feel super confident, comfortable, and sassy on your big day. Also a huge creative help is to get onto Pinterest and make yourself a board. It’s a fantastic place to find all sorts of styles and designers. The board can I have loads of scope of varying styles to begin with then narrow the styles down to take to the shops. And it’s good to be open minded in finding ‘The Dress’, try away!

Words of wedded wisdom?

Teamwork, togetherness, friendship, live in the now, and embrace everyday you have together. Take time to reflect on being grateful for the love you have for one another, and the commitment you vowed upon for your everlasting loving relationship.

Treasured Memories - Kate and Lawrence dancing

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