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A Q&A with Rime Arodaky

Today on the Mews blog we are featuring an interview with our exclusive designer for wild brides Rime Arodaky.


What made you want to be a bridal designer?

I always wanted to be a fashion designer. Also, my mom and sister’s style and lifestyle were a great inspiration.

As for bridal, this came later. I guess I always loved to design dresses in general. I am also a dreamer: I always had notebooks full of wedding/party/dresses ideas, and I always loved the minimalism and the immaculate different tones of white.

I also love the fact to become a muse, a rockstar for one day, with no limits at all. Every girl should know that feeling. It’s unique and powerful.

The fact to work with only high-end fabric was so exciting as well.


Can you speak a bit about your design process?

I first look at social media: Instagram & Pinterest are an amazing source of ideas. But I have a huge collection of vogue / numero magazines ( also vintage issues) and I love to pick a few and flip the pages to find inspiration from designers, editorial etc…I also spend a lot of time on fashion blogs. Then I meet early in the season with my fabrics and lace suppliers. Their work and innovation are the main key for inspiration. I also need to cut from everything and plan a trip somewhere for a week or more, to reset my mind and heart 🙂

Then I can start to draw and create!

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Minimal, boyish & extremely feminine at the same time, effortless, all into details.

What role does the city of Paris play in your designs?

I was born & raised in Paris so the city has always been an inspiration to me. I think parisian girls are a great inspiration: their effortless, chic and sophisticated attitudes influence a lot my collections & campaigns. Paris is place for love, freedom, and cool lifestyle so I think we can feel this vibe in my designs.

Share with us a best kept Parisian secret?

They say that Parisian girls never shave: that is so not true !!! 😀

Where are your favourite spots to look for vintage finds?

Internet for home design, as for clothes I never buy vintage, this is not my style. My mom though has the best vintage clothes and accessories so I pick at hers…I use to dress with all her clothes when I was at fashion school.

What inspired you when designing the Olsen dress?

Actually that might sound weird but Pocahontas and the Native culture did…I wanted to made this dress strong, timeless, exotic, sexy, chic and graphic at the same time with this chevron cut, the long sleeves and backless detail. I think it represents us well.

Olsen by Rime Arodaky

What are your favourite fabrics to work with?

Lace, and sheer fabric.

How do you decide on the names of your dresses?

Usually on what inspires me in general. Muses, rockstars, models or icons that I love and think represent our brand well. This season was a bit more personal : I named all the dresses after the cities/places I have been with my love during our road trip in California.

How would you describe your everyday style?

Eclectic, Effortless ( again ), often in white/black/grey/jeans but with a touch of fun print or bright color.

If you could dress anyone who would you love to see in one of your gowns?

Definitely Kate Moss.

How would you describe your brides?

They’re free minded, fun, sexy, happy and they always smile.

Rime Arodaky


What is your favourite dress out of all of your collections and why?

I love the Romy Dress from my new collection. It’s my 2016 crush and it might be a crush for a long time. Olsen remains one of my faves.

What does 2016 hold for Rime Arodaky?

We are moving out from our actual showroom for a bigger space! Then we add a Copehangen Stockist! Maybe some new projects for the US market…very soon.


Rime Arodaky Dress