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Styling Yourself As A Laure de Sagazan Bride

Heirloom inspired, Laure de Sagazan’s romantic gowns give a casual nod to the past whilst staying current with modern lace. Fluid and ‘willowy’ silhouettes reveal the element of mystery that every on-trend bride yearns for.

With inspirations taken from the elegant Grace Kelly and combined with the effortless casual approach of Jane Birkin’s style, Laure de Sagazan’s new collection oozes cool sophistication and we’ve put together a guide to help you complete the look after finding the dress.

We hope it inspires and excites you for the next steps of styling your bridal outfit!

Real Bride Lauren wearing Umberto and Schubert – Photograph by Luis Calow


Here at the Mews, we love pairing a Laure de Sagazan gown with a delicate, gold shoe. The warm ivory tone of the silk skirts are soft against the metallic of a gold or copper colour and will add a subtle sparkle that your guests do not expect. 

Where to find it: Look to Bobbies and Sezane for a classic french heeled pump or sandal, something not too high so you can dance the night away in.

Gloria Sandals by Bobbies

Hair & Make-up

A low, loose ballet bun with a red lip is a classic look and a style you cannot get wrong. A bold lip is a nod to the glamorous Parisian past and a simple hairstyle will not outshine, but complement the elegance of your gown. If you are having a winter wedding, you can accessorise your up-do with some antique style hair pins or a fresh flower hair comb for the summer.

Where to find it: Charlotte Tilbury is known for their bold lipsticks and the deep, wine red tint of ‘Scarlet Spell’ is exquisite. For hair combs and pins, Eden B Studio is a maker of both delicate and statement accessories.

Real Bride Clare Wearing Foster – Photograph by Rafal Borek


Laure de Sagazans love for combining different French laces is obvious throughout her collections and this is the perfect opportunity to mix and match old and new. Is there someone in your family that has a veil you could borrow? This is a wonderful way to add a sentimental element to your outfit, help towards being sustainable and it ticks off your “…something borrowed”.

Veils are something you can also really have fun with and some you can personalise with embroidered dates or letters. A cathedral length, lace edge veil adds height and makes for a dramatic entrance.

Where to find it: At The Mews, we stock the wonderful veils by Helen Martin. The tulle they use is silky, very light and sheer so there is no risk of covering up or hiding the detail of your dress. Rebecca Anne Designs makes romantic bespoke veils with personalised embroidered wording and designs.

Family veil worn by Real Bride Amelia – Photographer Sam Box Photography


Dainty and delicate is best to pair with the simplistic beauty of these dresses. Maybe a single drop pearl earring to match the pearl buttons on the dress or a little drop pendant on a shimmering gold chain. 

Where to find it: Fine jewellers, Zoe & Morgan create collections of romantic and awe-inspiring accessories. With a family history of jewellers, they know how to design pieces that will be timeless and cherished for years to come. Available to purchase at The Mews.

Clypso earrings by Zoe & Morgan


Perfume is a unique way of creating a long term memory and joyous flashback to your special day, long after it’s happened. Anchoring a memory to a scent is something that will follow you through your marriage and can make a lovely anniversary gift. A light floral scent with sweet notes is a classic, bridal choice but be sure to test out perfumes well in advance to make sure you connect and you like how it wears throughout the day.

Where to find it: Both Byredo and Diptyque offer a wide range of luxury perfumes and discovery sets. With counters in Liberty London, you could spend a lovely afternoon indulging in testers and chatting with their experts.

Fragrances by Diptyque


Take inspiration from the French countryside and fill your bouquet with seasonal wild and romantic flowers. Avoid anything too fragrant as you do not want to mask your perfume or overpower your guests with too many scents! Flowers such as Dahlias, Roses (there are hundreds of varieties out there) and Ranunculus give a beautiful blousey feel and pairing these with plenty of green foliage will keep it looking fresh. If you do not have a lot of knowledge about flowers, just trust your florist and they will be full of wonderful ideas! 

Where to find it: Flowers by Passion have the perfect balance of wild but delicate or if you have a love for colour, check out Lex Hamilton Floral Studio.

Table flowers by Flowers By Passion – Photograph by Sam Docker

Browse the Laure de Sagazan collection on our website and book your appointment to discover the beautiful collection!