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How to match your Hairstyle with your wedding dress 

For many brides finding the perfect dress is at the top of priorities on the wedmin to do list,  but once this is ticked off the question of ‘how will I do my hair?’ is always next.

For some this is the thing of dreams being able to ponder over pages and pages of bridal magazines coming up with their perfect hairstyle for the day. For others it is daunting figuring out how to translate their every day style into a bridal look that feels special but also feels like them. 

Deciding on a hairstyle for the Big day can be lead by the style and shape of your dress and we are here to help give some inspiration of which necklines and hair styles look best together! 

Tousled natural up do

Styles we think would be perfect for this look: Barley/Anthuria

Bridal hair, Bridal hairstyle, bridal up do, bridal style

This is a classic go to for brides that want something different from their day to day hair style but also want it to feel quite natural and not too ‘overdone’. This works perfectly with dresses that have detail around the neckline and bodice, An up do is also great if you have button details down the centre back of your dress as your hair is up and out of the way your dress will still be in full view as you walk down the isle!

Tip: washing your hair the day before the wedding, not the day of, having some natural grease in the hair is needed for keeping an updo in place!

Half up half down

Styles we think would be perfect for this look: Foster/ Alcazar

Bridal hair, Bridal hairstyle, bridal up do, bridal style

Natural beach waves combined with braids and twists is the perfect combination of feminine and soft, perfect for a Laid Back bride. For those who never wear their hair up this is a perfect style that will make you feel special on the day but will not feel too far from how you normally look. Doing something drastically different to your normal look isn’t something we would advise as we want you feeling totally relaxed and completely yourself on the day! 

Half up Half down keeps hair away from your face and works perfectly with a low, open back. The hair can fall down the centre of the back where the dress opens, meaning none of the detail is covered up. Adding fresh flowers or modern hair pins into the braids/knots can also add detail for great pictures from behind. 

Tip: adding some light, natural hair extensions is great for length but also means your braids can be thicker whilst keeping lots of hair free to stay down. 

Halo braid 

Styles we think would be perfect for this look: Majorelle/ Miller

Bridal hair, Bridal hairstyle, bridal up do, bridal style

The Hairstyle that screams BOHO bride! If your dress is textured with 3D lace, layered with tulle or draped chiffon then this a great way of making sure nothing is distracting from the detail of the dress but keeping the cool, modern bride feel. This style is great with delicate straps or statement sleeves and photographs beautifully, especially in a natural outdoor setting. 

Tip: Once pinned in place, lightly pull sections to loosen up the plait, creating a bigger and more textured braid. 

Sleek and simple 

Styles we think would be perfect for this look: GAGA / Queen

Bridal hair, Bridal hairstyle, bridal up do, bridal style

For the Chic, effortless brides who want no frills or fuss. This hair style is bold and contemporary and should be worn with a dress that says the same! Dresses with a statement shoulder or high neckline work great with a sleek updo, it keeps the décolletage open so there is not too much going on and BONUS it won’t budge all day! 

Tip: back comb the hair at the root near the crown of the head, then smooth over the top layer of hair, this creates a volume near the parting. You can go as subtle or as bold as you want! 

Chic Ponytail 

Styles we think would be perfect for this look:  Joni/ Janis

Bridal hair, Bridal hairstyle, bridal up do, bridal style

Some may be reluctant to try a ponytail on their wedding day, as it seems too mundane and part of every day life. However with a couple of small tweaks you can take it from ‘Going to the gym’ to ‘walking down the aisle!’ 

Creating volume near the crown of the head for a subtle ‘bee hive’ shape and wrapping your own hair around the band finishes the look in a cool, sophisticated fashion. Curling your hair first is also a great way for your hair to look thicker in this style and going one step further and doing a Hollywood wave into a Ponytail is the ultimate glamourous finish! As this style is young and fun it works perfectly with a plunge V neckline and a super slinky silhouette. It is the perfect Up Do for a rock and roll bride who doesn’t want to be traditional. 

Tip: sliding a Curvy grip into the ponytail under a section of hair separates the hair out and makes it look chunkier and more textured. 


Styles we think would be perfect for this look: Enola/ Jill and Colette  

Bridal hair, Bridal hairstyle, bridal up do, bridal style

If a styled up do is just not your thing and you feel your best with your hair lose and relaxed, then stick to what you know best on your big day! There is nothing worse than a bride who doesn’t feel completely themselves so when it comes to your hair, style it so you feel special, but still 100% you! 

If you are going for a simple hair down look, treat yourself to a nourishing hair mask so it looks glossy and healthy when styled on the day. Depending on what end result you want will depend on the dress you have. For a clean cut, crepe, contemporary dress you may want the hair to be straightened to give it a sharper more fashion forward vibe.

For a softer dress with a delicate capped sleeve and boat neckline, you may want to go for a bouncy blow dry with a soft wave to create a romantic overall look. 

Shorter hair cuts and Bobs look AMAZING when sitting just above the shoulders, showing the dress off in its entirety, a statement earring can also add a modern and Chic touch to an edgy hair style. 

Tip: don’t be afraid to mix things up on the day, you can always start with an updo for the ceremony and then remove the pins to have your hair down for the party. If you have had your hair in a bun, you will have a natural wave once taking it out!