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Non-Toxic Bridal Makeup brands for the clean living bride

Nearly every bride on the run up to her big day gets asked about ‘her look’! This usually can insinuate towards the style of her dress, feel of accessories, hair/ veil or another very important aspect – visual of her make- up on the day. For some brides (often our Mews brides!) The ideal ‘look’ will be natural, less is more and effortless.

However, some fashion forward brides depending on the location style of their dress, may wish to have a little more drama for instance a pop of rouge lipstick! 

 One thing all brides have in common when it comes to ‘the look’- it is a major priority! It will be captured in wedding photographs, there will be a lot of eyes on ‘the look’ at the first reveal down the aisle!

The make-up finish has to last all day and every bride wants a flawless finish after vow tears. It is no surprise that brides are now investing more into their day’s beauty regime than ever before, even less of a suprise that brides are seeking products with a clean finish that lend ethnically to the world we live in.

More brides are becoming interested in products that are clean for the environment, not tested on animals and will give them an ultimate clean look! 


Here at The Mews Bridal we have researched into 5 Beauty Brands on the market which will give you that effortless look throughout the day. Whether you have an artist on hand or have decided to self create your look; these are the top brands to keep an eye out for… 

Retinols and Retinoids


On the run up to the day, The Mews advise brides to eat and drink well – with plenty of sleep! This helps with good skin on the day and helps you feel rejuvenated in the lead up. However, if you do wish to have that boost to brighten the skin.

Retinols and Retinoids are full of vitamin C, advised to use in the evenings before bed. It is best to start light at  0.05 to 1 percent. They are clinically proven to improve lines, discoloration issues, and revitalize the skin. The science behind it is that when retinol is applied to the skin enzymes work to convert it into retinoic acid.


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The Ordinary is a great brand that promises results at reasonable prices! They strip back on all unnecessary packing, the selection of facial oils are all lightweight, gentle to use on the run up to enhance your glow on your day! 

Prime with base with Laura Mercier


To achieve a flawless finish on the day, The Mews have done our research into the best primer when brides are in need of a glow! Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Illuminating Primer gives a silky smooth finish and contains Porcelain Flower to boost luminosity. It’s silicone free which gives a enough base to feel coverage so your make up pigments hold all day! It’s a great product to have as you can also use it also on your hen party, rehearsal dinner and honeymoon!


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Vapour Beauty Products


Vapour is now hitting the UK by storm – originated from Taos, Mexico uses all natural ingredients, from plant formations, they are especially known to create luxurious textures setting a new cosmetic standard. The company has been awarded the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics by the Organic Trade Association and Animal Rights testing.

The products last all day for a perfect, flawless finish, their ingredients are from all natural sources and the packaging is even biodegradable! 

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We especially love their eyeshadow pallette range, they have various selection of colours that are all natural mixes in which you can go as light or dark as you want for a dramatic or natural finish. The Archetype is especially our favourite as it combines matte colours with a hint of shimmer.  They include amino acids, unscented and rich mineral pigments.



A waterproof Mascara is a must!


From the morning of getting ready with your loved ones, seeing your fiance at the end of the aisle and the wedding speeches. The day is full of those unforgettable precious moments in which you never forget and even if you are not usually a cryer – the tears are inevitable! 


The one thing that is a must on the wedding day is that waterproof mascara in which will protect any streamline accidents. We love the YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Waterproof Mascara, it gives amazing curvature for the lashes as well as longation. It can be applied to  natural lashes as well as enhancers. It is designed with a thin brush which will get right into the base of the lashes for full extension. 


And finally, for those touch ups throughout the day – Bobbi Brown blotting papers work wonders!


Whether your make- up artist is on hand or you have your essential minis to touch up your beauty look. These Bobbi Brown blotting papers are a must have for oily skin, for many people – these little sheets of paper feel quite dated or a little old fashioned.

However, they work wonders, rather than applying your touch up on top of pigmented make up. Lightly touch the area of your make -up e.g. highlighter, concealer or foundation. They will remove any oil, loose makeup pigments and they will remove any excess oil in photographs!


Perfect for keeping the makeup fresh and long lasting!