Bridal Style Tips, Featured


Effortless style is a quality the French pride themselves on. With gorgeous pieces it’s all about quality, cut and beautiful fabrics. Breaking any norms of British bridal style, silhouettes are soft, unstructured and simple. Think less is more.

Hyppolite by Delphine Manivet

Pioneer of French bridal couture Delphine Manivet knows exactly how to capture the elegance of Parisian style whilst allowing you to put your own stamp on the look.

A firm favourite has to be the gorgeous “Hyppolite” silk dress. The dress moves like water whilst looking effortlessly understated and also provides a canvas for you to elaborate on.

A typically summer style dress can be transformed instantly with the help of Donatelle Godart’s  “Il Dort Encore” jumper. The soft billowing sleeves and body add the extra warmth you will crave whilst adding a cool-girl look.

Il dort encore by Donatelle Godart

The mix of textures keeps the look modern and young and is a great alternative for winter brides who don’t want to sacrifice choosing the dress of their dreams.

For summer why not rock a short dress? When skin has been kissed and climates allow, why not show off your pins and have a super laid back feel! Short dresses add a city wedding vibe making them great alternatives to any long gown number that may feel a little heavy.

What says Parisian chic more than a short crisp number paired with tan lace up heels? Rime Arodaky’s Jax civil dress with minimal gold accessories is set to turn heads. Pair with natural makeup to allow your beauty to be at the forefront.

Jax by Rime Arodaky

If the idea of a jumper or a short dress is a little daunting for you, channel the Parisian chic look through your accessories.

Very dainty details, necklaces, staking rings will be more effective than you may think and bring a French flair to any look.

Lõy yetu jewellery

This season gold jewellery is everywhere. Aim for a brushed gold so it looks more vintage and lived in rather than any really shiny tones to keep it cool and effortless.

When it comes to wedding bags it can be really difficult to know what is right to wear with a wedding dress.

When it comes to accessories aim for vintage. The quality and style will be hard to emulate with modern options and will bring the added touch of flair that will set you apart.

Handbag by Shrimps

Beading or velvet oyster tones with gold hardware will still be in keeping with the bridal tones, but also add a touch of vintage glamour.