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Knowing how to dress for your body type is a skill we can all benefit from, but for your wedding dress this knowledge is imperative.

There is no set cut for a curvier bride, its just knowing what will accentuate your best features whilst still staying true to your style.

We have picked five of our best dresses to suit a curvier frame whilst covering all bases on cut and style showing you will not be dictated by a repetitive look!


Rime Arodaky, Cool bride, Curvy bride

Rime Arodaky Jett.

This wrap around style is a really light beautiful crêpe that skims over your body with all the attention to detail framing your chest and décolletage. With the soft shoulders that skim the top of your arm, you have coverage whilst also showing all of your arms perfect for those summer weddings.

The tie waist on this dress is really what is going to work for you. Synching in your smallest point and showing the fabric nipped in, is going to accentuate your waist and make you feel your best!  This piece is also in our sample sale so if the Jett sounds like your dream dress, do not hesitate contacting us!


Rime Arodaky, Cool bride, fashion bridal, curvy bride

Rime Arodaky Liam

The Liam dress is an absolute cracker at showing off a great curvy hourglass figure and we will tell you why. The continuous crêpe with linear seams (as oppose to a waist seam) elongates your body stretching you out to look tall and long rather that cutting you off.

The peep of skin through the leg slit will create a great visual break so the dress doesn’t look heavy, and shows a playful element. Again, with the slight cap sleeve you can cover your shoulders whilst the deep V-neck shows your feminine curves.


Laure de Sagazan Foster

Fast approaching as our new best seller and it is so easy to see why. With a deep plunging V-neck and really flattering thick embroidered waistband your eye is drawn to your smallest point.

Despite this being a typically looser style dress to some of our other designers, Foster still shows the impact a high waist band can create and with a mix of thick lace guipure and brushed silk crêpe you can still look incredibly chic and feel comfortable at the same time.


Laure de Sagazan, top and skirt, curvy bride

Laure de Sagazan Montand and Rainer

Mixing it up with a two-piece, yet still look every bit bridal is what we love so much about our designers. If you are looking to skim over your stomach and not synch, this look is great for you.

With a modest ¾ length sleeve, boat neckline and ornate lace, the Montand top allows enough coverage whilst still peeping a hint of skin through the sheer tulle panels.

Newcomer Rainer featured in the 2018 catwalk has offered a great compromise for us. This skirt isn’t too fitted, or too loose but sits perfectly in the middle. With a thick waistband it offers you comfort and support, whilst falling straight from your hips making you look long like a column.


Margaux Tardits, French bridal couture, curvy bride

Margaux Tardits Voulez Vous Danser Avec Moi?

Arguably one of our most flattering dresses on all body shapes Voulez Vous is an incredibly light and soft dress that ticks all the boxes for an amazing A-line dress.

With the higher neck and sweetheart under layer you can feel properly contained and secure whilst still having pretty soft features like the open back, and lace trim creeping past the waistband. The silk skirt allows for sweeping movement, and can hide any parts you would rather not be seen.  

Again with a ¾ length sleeve you can have more coverage but still peep flesh tone through the thin tulle making the overall look very soft and feminine.