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As you know, here at The Mews we are a lover of all things French, especially when it comes to creating effortlessly, chic bridal looks! Laure de Sagazan proves to be the best in cultivating this style and our Mews Brides are in awe of her brilliantly, boho vibe.

While Laure’s collection most definitely speaks for itself, we understand that the accessories and styling of these dresses are as important as picking the dress. So, we have come up with 7 useful tips to help style a Laure de Sagazan piece.


1. Laure de Sagazan Headpiece

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Not only does Laure de Sagazan produce amazing bridal designs, they also have their own accessories including these stunning headpieces that go hand in hand with all of the collection. Depending on what your theme is, go for a golden, bronzed style to create the ultimate rustic look or try the turban for a modern bohemian style.  

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2. Fresh Flower Crown

It’s important not to over accessorize when going for a Laure de Sagazan dress and many of our brides choose to ditch the traditional look of a pretty headpiece or veil and go for a fresh flower crown. Add a touch of colour that perhaps matches your theme or style or go simple and elegant with foliage, either way a fresh, wild mix will promise to add to the ‘undone’ look that so many of us wish to create. Florists such as Petalon are masters of the Flower Crown  

Flower crown, Lace, Laure de Sagazan

3. Fashion-forward pearls

When choosing jewellery for your Laure dress we definitely recommend doing either earrings or necklace, or if your wanting both then make sure you go for something classic. Anissa Kermiche jewellery is the perfect combination of modern, fashionable luxury. Try a pearl ear cuff to add a touch of glamour to your look for the day.

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4. Hair

While it is important to have the perfect do for your wedding, looking too groomed can sometimes take away the effortless French bridal style. Whether you have a short do or long luscious locks, ensure you capture that toussled ‘just got out of bed’ look and you will nail the whole vibe.

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5. Shoes

They describe their brand as ‘luxury redefined’ and we can see why. Faber Novella shoes provide a unique customization service which allows for the bride to design the perfect pair of shoes to portray their true style! This design house focuses on fit, comfort and style, taking their main inspiration from the luxury shoe capital, Italy. The tie-up metallic shoes will be sure to bring your Laure de Sagazan dress to life.

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6. The Veil

Not everyone chooses to opt for a veil when deciding how to style their Laure de Sagazan dress but we believe that as this is the only time you get to wear one, you most definitely should at least try one! We know they may seem super traditional but Laure de Sagazan knows just how to make it ultra-cool and on trend. Go for a statement all over lace veil if you have a simple style dress or two piece, and for detailed dresses go for a lightweight fine long veil.

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7. A little something blue..

Here at The Mews we are all about breaking tradition and while that is what we are known for, some traditions are a must! If you’re finding it difficult incorporating something blue into your look on the day, try simply adding a small blue ribbon to the bustle underneath your skirt (Tip: Ask your seamstress to do this if you’re unsure). It’s subtle and is the perfect way to include this little tradition to your Laure dress as we know less is more with this collection!


Remember, try to keep your own sense of style and don’t overthink it, it’s all about looking effortlessly elegant!

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